No Profit In Suicide

by Manalive

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"No Profit In Suicide" 7" EP available via Bitter Melody Records Fall 2013.


released September 30, 2013

All songs written by Amit, Brian, Chris, Kwame, and Nate.
Recorded at CDR Studios in Milltown, NJ by Chris Ross.
Mixed and Mastered at Atrium Audio in Lancaster, PA by Carson Slovak



all rights reserved


Manalive New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Decade
I can’t proceed to spend my days in pursuit of the life I crave there isn’t much left to say when life’s getting caught in the way trapped in convergence of hopes and fears there isn’t much left to do when life’s got you caught in a noose. Swinging between now and then can’t see the future it isn’t real can’t leave this moment it doesn’t heal where will I go there’s so much left now to learn I don’t know where I should begin I never thought I would live this long take me by the hand guide me mentor me take me by the hand teach me to be free emerge now from the dark mind focused on a distant spark smash my restraints boundaries transform to what I was meant to be I will not lose
Track Name: Aesop Gymnastics
We were born with our eyes closed myopic and alone lacking the tools to comprehend make sense of the world we’re thrust into why are we born in chains why are we born in pain don’t despair we’re armed to the teeth with the wisdom of ten thousand years handed down through generations imprinted within ourselves is it so difficult to conceive the world hasn’t changed in millennia as much as we’d like to believe strip our culture of science technology what remains at the core is a soul crying out to be free whether science tradition or some fucked up bullshit theology it makes no fucking sense to me it makes no fucking sense to me I’m trying to get through day by day a mundane life fueled by dismay it makes no fucking sense to me it makes no fucking sense to me one short term goal to know more than I did the night before bring light to my life every day to bend like the reed but never break
Track Name: Carpetbagger, M.D.
You earn my life one hour at a time I couldn’t help but notice you got a new car what paid for that my crumbling life your bedside smile the world’s most soothing voice with one foot out the door the world’s most knowing smile conceals a callous mind year after year our ashen faces blend together there is no cure the cash keeps rolling in here we go again same questions fade into the background well rehearsed concern belies your true designs wait for it my moment expose my intentions strap on explosives blow up your bottom line there is no profit in suicide.
Track Name: Boyd Crowder
All eyes face towards the door an intruder grab the torches and pitchforks make a fucking scene shouting out your given right to get dumber by the day look at you, you’re fucking shameless stare me down if this sight offends you cast me out if your eye offends you pluck it out your life offends me watch your mouth before you speak silence broadcasts all I need to hear from you from your vacant eyes to your hostile mood look at me my greatest fear someday you’ll breed my greatest fear one day your seed will pollute the earth with your hostile creed stare me down other me with your gaze we are not the same I am alien move the fuck out the way if I offend you we are not the same.